Ex-Jungley Sea Kings For Sale

Retired Royal Navy Sea King Helicopters go on sale

With the retirement of all but the SkASaC helicopters from the UKs Sea King Helicopter Fleet by the end of March 2016 Lincolnshire based Witham Specialist Vehicles are offering three ex Royal Navy Commando Helicopter Force Sea King H C Mk 4+ helicopters for Sale.

The three helicopters ZD 476, ZA 312 and ZF 120 seen here flying with 846 NAS in 2003 have been taken out of storage and are being offered for sale without there Rolls Royce Gnome engines but with all the helicopters paperwork and log cards are expected to sell for £150K each Witham are expecting to be offering 20 helicopters for sale at the rate of 2 per month through 2016 and they are expecting to be offering ex RAF SAR Sea King HAR MK 3 with an expectation of reaching above the £150K for these aircraft Paul Southerington, Withams MD has said on Facebook that they do not intend to scrap any airframes. Witham indicated that a number of airframes would be retained through to 2017 and will then be offered for sale

ZF 120 Sea King H C MK 4 photographed in 2003 as VZ of 846Squadron. First Flew at Westland’s Yeovil 11 Nov 1986 was delivered to the Royal Navy on the 27th November 1986 and has been flown by 77NAS, 845 and 846 NAS. The aircraft was upgraded in 2008 to H C MK 4= standards and fitted with Carson main rotor blades and a new five blade tail rotor which improved the helicopters hover performance increased it lift capability by 2000lb and a giving a forward speed increase of up to 49 knots.


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