Army Air Corps Lynx AH 7 Display Makes Final Public Appearance

Over the top

Over the top


and Back Down

The Army Air Corps Lynx Mk 7 Display Team performed their final public display at this year`s Southport Air Show on the 22nd September. WO1 Mick Kildea, and Capt. Neil Posthumus, from the Army Aviation Centre at Middle Wallop put the Lynx A H Mk 7 through its paces, in front a crowded Southport Sea front, with the Lynx performing its signature manoeuvre that has been part of the display routine since the days of the Blue Eagles whith the Lynx being flipped backwards from the Hover. The Lynx is to be withdrawn in March 2015 when it will be replaced by the Wildcat A H mk 1, and the Army Air Corps public face will be maintained on the air show by the Attack Helicopter Display Team`s  Apache A H Mk 1.

and up again


Blue Eagles in their hey day

Where it all started the Army Air Corps Blue Eagles one Lynx and four Gazelles


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