829 NAS takes Merlin H M mk 2s to Sea


The AgustaWestland Merlin H M Mk 2 has commenced operations aboard HMS Lancaster, in the English Channel. 30 of the Royal Navy’s AgustaWestland Merlin H M Mk 1s which have been in service with the Royal Navy for the last 15 years, they are being revamped as part of a £750m upgrade which has seen the introduction of advanced avionics and state of the art submarine hunting technology which will see the ASW Merlin’s from RNAS Culdrose four Merlin Naval Air Squadrons, protecting the Navy’s surface warships from the submarine threat out until the end of the 2020s.

814 NAS took delivery of the first Merlin H m mk 2s, last year and 829 Naval Air Squadron who’s aircraft are flown from the Fleets Type 23 frigates have now converted on to the Merlin H M mk 2. Later this year HMS Illustrious will embark eight of the new Merlin H M mk 2 helicopter for Exercise Deep Blue in the Atlantic during June